About Pharmacopedia.org

What can you do with it?

  • Find effective medicinal remedies to cure your illness
  • Learn the advantages of each remedy and how to use it
  • Write reviews of remedies and learn from other people’s experiences

Advantages of using Pharmacopedia

  • It’s free, and traditional remedies cost 10 times less than synthetic drugs (even less if you produce them yourself).
  • It’s collaborative and intelligent. The more people use it, the more accurate and powerful it becomes.
  • It’s safe. It makes special emphasis on studying the counterindications and secondary effects of each remedy.
  • It’s based in science. It includes scientific references to official organisms that publish medical research.
  • It’s not lucrative. It takes decisions for the benefit of people and earth, not a few individuals.

How does it work?

Our mantra is “The truth is out there.. find it, share it!”

  • Pharmacopedia is built out of links to other sites on the internet, created by independent publishers.
  • We’re not controlled by any private company, we share only the truth.
  • Our sources of knowledge are three:
    1) Tradition: we research our traditions and the knowledge of local and native communities
    2) Science: we find scientific evidence in the recognised and official databases of medical research worldwide
    3) Experience: we share the experiences of those people who have tried the remedies recently

How can I contribute to Pharmacopedia?

Your help is needed now to keep pharmacopedia alive, free of ads and the control of corporations.
Please consider supporting us by making a one-time or monthly donation to keep pharmacopedia free forever.

We need your hands, if you want to get even more involved, please consider volunteering.

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