History of Pharmacopedia.org

Pharmacopedia launches in English at Pharmacopedia.org

January 2018

Former Pharmacopedia.org founder Albert, meets recognised medicinal herbs farmer Josep P脿mies in a visit to his botanical nursery

2nd May 2016
Josep P脿mies encourages Albert to develop Pharmacopedia further and provides him with a list of all plants grown at his nursery.

Pharmacopedia launches in Spanish at Pharmacopedia.io

13th March 2016

Albert starts developing Pharmacopedia

16th February 2016

Before Pharmacopedia 鈥

Albert鈥檚 mum recovered completely

Today, Albert鈥檚 mum enjoys good health and a normal professional life. She鈥檚 hasn鈥檛 had a kidney failure since her change in diet. She follows a strict plant-based diet accompanied by some botanical remedies for maintenance. She keeps getting tested for tumoral activity regularly. In one occasion the tumoral markers went up again, as she had worsened her diet and stopped taking the anti-tumoral plants, she鈥檚 a heavy smoker. She went back to strict diet and herbal remedies and the tumoral activity ceased in a matter of weeks. Until then, Albert was still skeptical that plants would be so effective. But this event really confirmed what we were all hoping, that there was a direct correlation between the plant-based solutions she was taking and the amount of tumor activity she had.

Albert鈥檚 mother tumour has disappeared (down to 0mm)

May 2016
Medical tests indicate the tumor has completely dissolved and the tumoral markers in the blood tests come back clear.

Albert鈥檚 mother gets better

April 2016
Albert鈥檚 mother follows 2 months of radical change in diet, and a rigorous use of medicinal plants. The medical tests now indicate the tumor has reduced by 1mm. This is good news as it seems to indicate at least it鈥檚 not growing anymore. Albert鈥檚 mother sticks to the diet and plants for another month.

Albert recommends diet and plants to his mother

December 2016 to March 2017
After all the research, Albert creates a list of plants to help his mother reduce the tumour. He buys the plants on-line and teaches her how to take them using the books he鈥檚 read. Albert also creates a diet plan completely based in plant foods, removing 95% of animal, chemical and processed foods.

Albert investigates about medicinal plants and plant-based nutrition

November 2015
At this point doctors are still not offering any treatment, and they discard a transplant for the risk involved due to her age.
Albert, drawning in anger and frustration decides it鈥檚 time to try alternatives, that until recently have sounded unconventional.
Albert spends day and night researching on-line and reading books about medicinal plants for cancer, nutrition for cancer and the history of the pharmaceutical industry. He finds the works of Josep Pamies, Maria Treben and other experts in medicinal plants and natural remedies. He鈥檚 surprised by the amount of positive testimonials he finds on YouTube of people who used these plants. He鈥檚 particularly shocked by the amount of positive scientific evidence about their effects found in the recognized american medical database PubMed. He鈥檚 still very skeptical about these alternatives, but he ponders it鈥檚 worth a try as doctors don鈥檛 offer anything else to try, and the secondary effects of these treatments are almost non-existent.

Medical tests indicate 2mm (0.08in) growth of tumor in the second kidney (the only one left now)

22nd October 2015
Albert gets a call from his mother to let him know that now, 6 months since the removal of her left kidney, her other kidney is presented with similar symptoms. This is really bad news, and Albert takes them especially bad. He鈥檚 frustrated, depressed and angry at his mum鈥檚 doctors because he can鈥檛 understand how they allowed this to happen. It鈥檚 still fairly early and the tumor is not big, but Albert can鈥檛 help but thinking of the worst scenario: that she might die because there鈥檚 no solution.

Albert鈥檚 mother undergoes surgical operation to remove kidney

24th March 2015
Doctors state, at her age, this is the only way she has to get better. At this point Albert鈥檚 family completely trusts that doctors understand exactly what she has, and how to treat it. Without hesitation, she gets the surgery done. She now has to live with one kidney for the rest of her life.

Albert鈥檚 mother diagnosed with tumour near kidney

13th March 2015
Following an episode of kidney collapse Albert鈥檚 mother goes to see the doctor to get checked for her kidneys.
She goes to a recognised private clinic in Barcelona. The only solution doctors offer is removing her kidney via surgical operation. Doctor state no chemotherapy or radiotherapy can be practiced.