Our vision

We believe a better, more sustainable and ethical world requires a free health system, without economic conditions, without geographic borders and without dependence in private organisations.

Our mission

Improve public health by providing access to all plant-based medicinal remedies on earth in a free, universal, safe and actionable way.

The goal of Pharmacopedia is to recover the milenary science of healing through natural remedies. Plants have provided cures for thousands of years to illnesses that today we call “new”. Some of them like Diabetes, caused more than 1.5 million deaths in the world in 2012, being already considered an epidemic in the U.S.

Big corporations have taken from us the power of access (economic), and the power of use (informative) strategically. Now, they control our consumption of their new synthetic drugs which are more expensive, less effective, creating addiction, dependency and in some cases chronification. The industry of cancer treatments generated by itself 124.6 billion dollars (U.S.) in 2012 in the United States alone.

Despite the big disempowerment in health we have suffered during the last decades there’s still hope. Putting together the latest - the Internet - and the oldest - plants - technology, we can build a new health system that’s sustainable and prosperous.

It’s time to build Pharmacopedia - the free, universal and accessible pharmacological system, deployable ad hoc, at virtually zero cost.
For everyone, forever, for free.

Our values

  • Freedom, we must break the fences that have been raised for information about health.
  • Universality, we must think of the diversity of uses of our service.
  • Accessibility, we must go out of our comfort zone for those who have special needs.
  • Actionability, we must inspire action to those we reach.
  • Empathy, we must examine the world from the context our people experience it.
  • Honesty, we must seek the truth relentlessly and share it, regardless of the consequences.
  • Ethics, we must act for the common benefit of all species on the planet.
  • Generosity, we must give without expecting anything back.
  • Courage, we must do what’s right and listen to criticism with a constructive attitude.

Our service

  • Raise awareness about the medicinal power of plants.
  • Recover knowledge of traditional medicine.
  • Research medicinal plants to create new remedies.
  • Publish a complete encyclopedia of medicinal plants for pharmacological use.