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Albert Peiró
Albert Peiró
Engineer, entrepreneur and Founder of Pharmacopedia.org
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Albert supports Pharmacopedia.org with his own money and donations, builds the core website and uploads new plants every week. He’s into science, pharmacology and nutrition. He’s also known to be a botanics enthusiast and a permaculture aficionado.

Iban Peiró
Iban Peiró
UX/UI Designer and Co-founder of Pharmacopedia.org
Iban builds the design and user experience of Pharmacopedia, he’s also an avid natural remedies finder and tester.

External collaborators

Josep Pàmies
Director of Pamies Vitae and Dulce Revolución Association
Blog | Dulce Revolución | Pamies Vitae | Pamies Hortícoles

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